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Risa Kashiwagi
Biographical Information
Japanese Name 柏木 リサ (かしわぎ リサ)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Human
Powers N/A
Voiced by
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kana Yuki
Voice Actor (English) Nancy Novotny
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1 – While I Wait For You

Risa Kashiwagi (柏木 リサ Kashiwagi Risa?) is a classmate of Ryouta Murakami and Neko Kuroha. As the story goes on, she starts to learn that Neko Kuroha has some kind of superpower.


Risa Kashiwagi is first meeting Ryouta Murakami school.

Appearance Edit

Risa is young girl with brown hair, brown colored eyes.


Trivia Edit

  • Chapter 141 reveals that her fullname is Risa Kashiwagi