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Kurofuku Anime
Biographical Information
Japanese Name 黒服
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Status Alive
Classification Human
Powers N/A
Voiced by
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Voice Actor (English) Ty Mahany
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 19
Anime Episode 3 – Death Suppressants

Kurofuku (黒服?) was a staff member at the research institute Vingulf, he had a high enough rank to access all of research documents.

He has an unknown backstory, but Ichijiku Chisato acknowledges him for his brilliance. At Ichijiku's command he recovers witches of B-rank that have escaped.

After his failure for capturing Number 1107 he was fired and targeted by the institute. However, he survived the assassination. He finally awoke from his comma, and learned about Ichijiku's death. He was later joined and became a part of Hexenjagd.

Personality & Appearance Edit

Kurofuku is a young and fairly tall man with purple/blue hair covering his left eye and dons black clothing, hence his name. He has a very reserved personality and follows orders when asked to, and tries his best to complete his mission.


Kurofuku was in charge of Nanami. Nanami erased his memories to a state where he didn't know about the mission he was given. He soon finds a journal, and his memory returns. He then ejects the beacon attached to Nanami, killing her.

When The Organization decided to use Mizuka in order to capture Number 1107 (Kotori Takatori), he was the one who asked Mizuka about #1107's whereabouts. After he knew her location, The Organization made their move. In the end, the mission failed and he was fired from The Organization. He was presumably killed by Vingulf, but is shown to be alive in chapter 106. He is alive but is suffering severe brain damage.



  • 黒服 (Kurofuku) means 'black clothing' or 'black suit', referring to the attire he usually wears.

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